You Just Never Know

I went to work today not expecting anything unusual. Just another Monday at the shop. But it is those sort of days that turn into interesting situations. Such as:

* My boss delivered a huge box of temporary tattoos that had been languishing in storage for quite some time. The purpose/practical application of these tattoos in a dive shop remains unclear, but being the team player that I am, I got busy trying to figure out just what the heck to do with ’em.

Now, mind you, these are not the sort of tattoos that you stick on your skin, wet the back and transfer the image. No, these involve stencils and liquid ink and a whole lotta patience. And there are like 275 different stencils to choose from. Whoah!

So I started with Google, got some basic directions and moved forward. I tried an Aztec sort of sun pattern on my ankle. As an aside…if you’re going to apply a messy tattoo to yourself, the ankle is not the ideal location…but I got it done and it looked ok.

Then, as luck would have it, my visiting friends passed by the dive shop just as I was finishing up. I couldn’t resist offering them a tattoo…five applications later, all five of my friends had shiny new tattoos for their vacation photos. My favorite was the dung beetle. Not sure if the guy who received it liked it as much as I did but, hey, it was the random number he picked so a dung beetle it was. (I did give the USPS worker a retry at random tattoo selection after she first picked a pot leaf…I am a sympathetic soul, after all.)

This ain't no boy's scooter anymore.
This ain’t no boy’s scooter anymore.

* I got my scooter blinged out with girlie stickers today. Particularly loving the girl scull and crossbones that includes heart-shaped eyes and a huge hibiscus hair accessory…no mistaking the Hulk for a dude scooter anymore.

* As I was leaving work tonight, one of the condo owners at the resort handed me a plastic bag with a big bottle of vodka in it. He instantly became my favorite owner. Forget baked goods…the way to this dive shop worker’s heart is through alcohol…plain and simple.

When I got home, I was doubly-surprised to find that the vodka was, in fact, Chopin. My absolute favorite in the world next to Tito’s (but Tito’s is so hard to find that I’ve given up on it altogether). And, as I am anticipating a tough night at mi casa this evening (struggling with some potentially devastating news regarding something really important to Island Boy)…good vodka may be JUST what the doctor ordered. For me, anyway.

* And finally…I continue to improve my Spanish on a daily basis. I just had a lovely conversation – completely in Spanish – with my gardener from the Dominican Republic about, of all things, whether manta rays were dangerous. Proving that I really CAN learn another language…eventually. Might have been easier to become fluent in Spanish by moving to a Spanish-speaking island, but whatever.

So all in all it was a really surprising day. I love those kinds of days, don’t you?!


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