wind wind and more wind…oh, and the Easter bunny

The Supeep Court of the United States (SCOTUS) in action.
The Supeep Court of the United States (SCOTUS) in action.

The coming days look promising for small kites and big air. Wind predictions are showing average wind speeds of 25 knots, with gusts up to the mid-30s. That is some seriously good wind…almost too good to be true. All just in time for a long holiday weekend (for everyone except dive shop staff…for us it is business as usual…but then again, we have pretty great jobs, so working holidays seems like an OK trade-off).

It also happens to be Easter weekend. It’s a big event here on the island. Camping is the number one activity, and lots of temporary shelters have popped up on the beaches around here, comprised mostly of wooden pallets. They look a lot like homeless camps, actually, but the locals are set to enjoy their long weekend on the beach. Some even have generators, refrigerators and televisions. That’s a lot of preparation. If only they’d clean up when they are finished.

Sadly, for me it will be a Peeps-free Easter this year. I know the island will have fully modernized once I can buy Peeps here. Until then, my seasonal Peeps addiction will have to go unsatisfied. Perhaps a chocolate bunny (which you can find here…in both white and dark chocolate varieties) will be a suitable substitute. I will have to give that a try.

Other than the Peeps shortage, life is still pretty great on my little rock in the sun. Absolutely no compelling urge to return to “civilization” anytime soon. I find this lifestyle quite civilized enough, thank you very much. Good friends and an active lifestyle really do wonders for one’s sense of satisfaction and happiness.

I hope you’ve found your happy place, too. If you haven’t, remember…it is never too late to start looking for it.



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