Why Turquoise Water Rules

I haven’t had anything cool to blog about lately…until today.

After puttering around the house most of the morning (yes, we Island Girls can be a lazy bunch), I finally headed down to the beach for a quick afternoon kite session. As I was scootering down the southern coast, rolling past miles of crystal clear, turquoise water, I glanced out over the shoreline and noticed a dark shadow just below the surface.

Knowing that the manta ray had been spotted the day before, I slowed down. I mean, could I get so lucky? Why, yes…the answer was a definitive YES! When I finally saw a fin break the surface, I nearly crashed The Hulk (my beloved green scooter) trying to stop and get into the water as fast as possible.

I grabbed my snorkel, mask and camera and ran straight to the sea. Nevermind parking my scooter or securing my beach bag full of valuables. Time was of the essence (as my old lawyer-self would say). Of course, my snorkel wasn’t attached to the mask. So as I was struggling to simultaneously attach the two while also holding my camera in my teeth and navigating a treacherous shore entry in bare feet, I landed directly on a patch of fire coral in the shallows.

Didn’t matter.

Coral injuries aside, I did the fastest front crawl ever (Olympics, anyone?) and caught up with a big, beautiful, graceful manta ray. Not even knowing if my camera was shooting video, I just pressed play and blindly kept the video rolling while I enjoyed a few blissful minutes with the manta literally inches away from me.

It was mesmerizing.

Eventually Mr. Manta meandered further south. I could have hung out with him forever. But obviously he has other manta-y things to do with his afternoon. So I went on my way, too. After collecting my things from the shore line (reminded me of a “garage sale” crash on the ski slopes), I couldn’t help thinking to myself, “This…this is why I live here!”


Manta Ray from ScubaLizard on Vimeo.

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