what makes people do what they do?

This chica has an interesting story. She must have been fun to hang with.
This chica has an interesting story. She must have been fun to hang with.

I often wonder that. But since you can’t get into anyone else’s head except your own, the question is pretty much rhetorical.

But still I think about it, especially when someone (usually a tourist) asks me the inevitable question…”what did you do before you came here?”) and I get to tell my story (sometimes the short version, sometimes the long version, sometimes totally accurate, sometimes a bit modified…depending on who asks). Then the asker usually says something like “wow…I could never give everything up and do what you did.”

And I think to myself…no, probably not…but then again, you never know…

Because it seems that what I did isn’t all that unique. Not that I ever thought it was. It was just what my gut told me I needed to do at that particular moment. And I realize that people have been doing variations of this same theme for eons…sometimes with socially acceptable results and sometimes not. Just depends on the circumstances.

And today’s blog was inspired by a really interesting article I just read about a European heiress who, after hearing a recording of this, left her husband and five children to pursue the jazz lifestyle in New York in the 40s. You can read more about Nica here.

Nica’s story is similar to mine. Well, except I am not an heiress nor do I have a trust fund anywhere. That I know of, anyway (sorry, Island Boy). And instead of a jazz song, my spell-caster was an island. But the end result is the same…willing to give up everything that is familiar and comfortable to follow a gut feeling that you are supposed to be doing something else altogether.

So you follow your heart, with nothing more than hope and optimism (and maybe a wealthy family to back you up, if you are lucky). But let me tell you…there is no better feeling in the world than realizing you are exactly where you are supposed to be at that very moment.

I think Nica would agree. She also probably would have been pretty cool to hang out with.


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