wake up call

I saw this picture on Facebook today…

Lululemon shopping bag rip-off...no idea what the website is that is being promoted...I just like the sentiments, so I borrowed the pic.
Lululemon shopping bag rip-off…no idea what the website is that is being promoted…I just like the sentiments, so I borrowed the pic.

It reminds me of a Lululemon shopping bag (God I miss those cute workout clothes sometimes). And what struck me the most was the phrase “Get tattoos…and live their meaning every day.”

And then I looked at my wrist tattoo (the one I agonized over getting for months…but finally said screw it and got it). It’s been a part of me for so long now that I often forget about it completely…which was exactly the opposite reason of having it emblazoned on my dominant wrist. So I looked at it a lot this morning, and remembered exactly why I got it in the first place.

To remind me to have courage in the face of massive uncertainty. To remember that life makes no promises, no guarantees, so to hang on to the empty idea of something because you are afraid of the unknown future is not a healthy or satisfying way to live.

And if you are extremely unhappy in your current situation – but afraid to walk away from the security (be it financial or relationship or family) you’ve grown accustomed to – you should not let money or marital status be the ties that bind you to an unhappy existence. Life is just too damn short for that sort of crap.

So take your chances and move on. But don’t forget why you did something in the first place.

And when you are fully immersed in something new, you can still have moments (in the darkest hours of night) of thinking “what the hell am I doing here?!” And when you do have those moments of uncertainty…you should remember to stay strong, brave and courageous…because that is EXACTLY what you are. Strong. Brave. Courageous.

And you don’t even need a tattoo to remind you of that. But if you do, all the better. Because, after all, tattoos are pretty cool.


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