things you never consider until you live in the Caribbean

(I thought it was time for less introspection and more mundane commentary on living the dream in the Caribbean…)

So back to things you never considered…for example, the joy of not sweating…I’m serious. It is really hot here most of the time and life just exists with a certain amount of perspiration. That’s just the way it is. When the wind blows (which is almost always), there is a certain amount of relief. But when the trade winds die…look out. Hopi kalor.

Once in awhile, I long for the type of weather where you can take a shower in the morning, leave the house looking nice and stay that way. All. Day. Long. In fact, that is one of the things I look forward to when I return to the States…dry, cool weather where my hair doesn’t wilt or frizz and my make-up doesn’t run.

And electricity is super-expensive here and central air conditioning does not exist. Well, it might…but not in a typical house. So you just open windows and accept that daily life activities (like sweeping or hanging up laundry or making the bed) will occur with lots of sweat.

And styling your hair or wearing make-up seems ridiculously inappropriate, so you just don’t do it (at least I don’t…unless it is a special occasion). So you end up looking hot, sweaty and messy most of the time. Welcome to island life.

But there is a special time of day that one looks forward to (at least I do)…it is in the evening when, after you take a shower, you finally turn on the airco and enjoy some cooler conditions. Sublime.

Even better when you have a cold cocktail to enjoy.

It’s that time of the day now here in paradise. Lovely.

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