super gezellig

What does an Island Girl do when she wants to get her shopping groove on, but doesn’t have a fortune to spend? But does have a closet full of her own clothes she never wears?

She goes to a Clothing Exchange Party!

Since this is not something I’ve ever heard of – or done – in the States…here’s the skinny…

Intrepid ladies perusing the goods.

Last night, 21 ladies got together and brought along some of the things lingering in the back of their closets, piled the goods on various tables and hanging racks and went on a free-for-all hunting and gathering experience, fueled by wine and snacks.

Totally fun. And totally free. And we all went home with a few “new to us” items of clothing and accessories.

I personally left with a maxi-dress, two sundresses, a scarf and one cute Billabong top. And I got rid of a huge bag of clothes that just didn’t get enough use under my care. In fact, some lucky lady at the party last night scored a practically new Desigual top that I bought in Spain, thinking I would wear it endlessly…not so much…so congrats to the new owner!

And, anything left over at the end of the evening is being donated to charity. How cool is that?

Anyway, it was a fun – and inexpensive – girls’ night out.

As my Dutch friends say…super gezellig (I hope I am using that in the right context…LOL).

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