scuff marks

This morning – helped in no small part by my sleep-deprived, half-awake self – the Hulk (my scooter) met the garden wall at cruising speed. So much for parking in the back garden to deter theft. I mean, it’s a nice idea, but getting from the back garden to the street is like an agility course on a good day…on a day like this morning, quite nearly impossible. Honestly…sometimes I think this thing is going to be more dangerous than my Samurai ever was.

Anyway…this morning’s unexpected encounter resulted in the front fender gaining a nice, big scuff mark. That definitely sucked. Luckily, having some free time at work this afternoon, I removed it all with some elbow grease and a scrubby sponge. The Hulk was returned to it’s pre-garden wall encounter shiny-ness. Whew.

But it got me thinking about unexpected injuries such as this. Particularly, the mental abrasions acquired during daily life. And why those scuff marks aren’t quite so easily removed. Like the fights you pick with your significant other over things that seem important at the time – but later on don’t seem that big of a deal after all. Somehow, saying your sorry doesn’t seem to always cut it. Even if the apology is accepted, there are remnants of the injury still hanging on. If only a scrubby sponge and elbow grease could erase those too. *sigh*

I suppose – much like trying to get the Hulk out of the garden in the future when I’m already late for work – I need to be more careful so the scuff marks never have a chance to form in the first place. Right.


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