Look On the Bright Side

Yes, we do happen to live in paradise.

So yesterday should have been a fantastic day of kitesurfing. Great wind. Sunny skies. Flat water.

But for reasons all too familiar to those who are local to a spot (a/k/a not a tourist), circumstances dictated otherwise. The end result was several island girls who had less-than-spectacular sessions. Even some bumps and bruises. Seriously.

Which resulted in a few of us comparing war stories afterwards. Sort of a game of “oh yeah? I can top that” in terms of the undesirable situations we encountered on the water. There was not too much of the famed sunny island girl disposition to be found at that particular moment.

But then one chica sighed and said “Do you know how lucky we are to live here? I try and remember that every day.” And she was right. All it took was one look out across the beautiful flat ocean sparking in countless shades of blue and green to remind me that, indeed, I am really lucky to exist on this tiny rock in the sea.

Perspective. Especially important during high season.

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