let’s talk turkey

A guest dropped this off just now. Got me thinking about pumpkin lattes and gingerbread cookies…the holidays are almost here!

Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner. Then comes Xmas. And in between…two very important birthdays.

Unfortunately, last year everything went by in a blur. Too busy getting used to my new island life to focus on holidays or birthdays. So it all went by without fanfare or even a glimmer of recognition.

But this year is going to be different. I hope. For all intents and purposes, I’m finally settled in. Whatever that means. So with settling in out of the way, I’m longing for some traditions to take root here. Like roasted turkey for Thanksgiving. And watching football (American football…NOT soccer) on t.v. while I eat said turkey. And a Christmas tree with twinkling lights. And presents wrapped under said tree. And getting birthday cards hand-carried back to the States and dropped in the mail THERE so they stand a chance of arriving in one piece and on time.

First, I really want to put together a traditional Thanksgiving meal. Or at least EAT a traditional Thanksgiving meal. The jury is out on whether I will actually cook something. My oven is tiny and I have to work that day, so a home-cooked meal doesn’t look promising. At all. However…rumor has it that one of the resorts has a big Thanksgiving buffet, so I can gorge myself there. And they show American football on the television, too. Look for me there, probably.

Then there’s the matter of Christmas. I’m longing for a Christmas tree this year. With lights. And ornaments. And a tree skirt. And presents underneath. So I’m going to start my search for these things here on my little rock. Of course, one lesson I’ve learned quickly is that what you imagine in your head and what you are actually able to find can be quite different…so perhaps I’ll end up with a palm tree (instead of a pine) adorned with old dive tags (in lieu of ornaments).

And I want to bake cut-out cookies, too. But that involves baking sheets and mixing bowls and cookie cutters. None of which I seem to have (damn my refusal to ship anything down here when I moved…damn, damn, damn.)

But this is all a tad bit ambitious, isn’t it? After all, it is hot and sunny and feels absolutely NOTHING like the holidays right now. In fact, I’d rather be diving. Or kiting.

So, we’ll see how this all works out, won’t we? Maybe I’ll just start slowly by buying some birthday cards first, and then see how I feel…poco poco, right?


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