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You bet this is going to be printed and taped on my fridge. ASAP.
You bet this is going to be printed and taped on my fridge. ASAP.

In honor of an upcoming special occasion, I decided I’m going to bake cupcakes tonight. I’ve been planning this for weeks and so far, I have amassed the requisite tools and ingredients…including a Kitchen-Aid hand mixer so I can make homemade frosting. I’m feeling quite domestic these days. (And a little remorseful that I so cavalierly left behind my completely and amazingly well-stocked kitchen in the U.S.)

And now that I have everything together, I am faced with the daunting task of using my rather foreign oven to prepare said cupcakes. Not a problem…except…the oven has neither Celcius or Fahrenheit gauges on it. Instead, there is a little knob with the numbers 1-9 on it. I am fairly confident in doing the Fahrenheit to Celcius conversion, but 1-9? What the hell?

In mentioning this dilemma to my co-worker, Suuz, her eyes lit up and she excitedly told me there are conversion tables for just this situation. Apparently, during her stint in Thailand, she also had an oven like this.

So, Google being my friend, I investigated this today and learned that there is a whole ‘nother system for temperature control called “Gas Mark.” Who knew? (Well, Suuz did, I guess.)

Anyway, Gas Mark 4 equals 350 Fahrenheit, so I’m set…wish me luck.


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