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Making an unexpected return to one of my past lives (I’ve had a few different professional incarnations before I ultimately decided on beach bum…shocking, huh?), I just spent the past week prepping for and managing a kitesurfing race event on this little rock. I didn’t actually ask for the role, I sort of inherited it by default. One of the pitfalls of being the “girlfriend of…”

Course racers in action.
Course racers in action.

Anyway…the event actually marked my first foray into the world of sports event management, and I really didn’t know jack about sailing or kite racing, so I sort of learned as I went along. And lost my temper a few times. And cried. And even had a bit of fun now and again.

Still…it has taken me a few days to come to grips with the ups, downs and in-betweens of actually making the whole thing happen. And I wasn’t even sure I wanted to blog about it because the whole week was decidedly as un-Island Girl-like as one could get. I mean seriously…there was absolutely nothing relaxing or chill for me during the event. Well, except maybe for the copious amounts of rum I drank on the last night.

But here I am…typing away. An addiction to sharing, perhaps? Or maybe it’s because I actually have blog followers who enjoy hearing about my adventures. 🙂

Many new friends were made during the week.

So first…the good stuff…I met a ton of really cool people from around the world. I sort of lost focus on just how damn tiny your world becomes when you live on an isolated island with a few thousand people on it. You see the same people in the same places, day in and day out…and you rarely get to meet anyone new or interesting. So it was probably the highlight of my week to have 35 people (some from as far away as Australia) hanging around every day. Made lots of new friends who share my passion for kiteboarding. Super nice.

Also very nice…there were LOTS of cute boys on the beach. Who knew course racers would be so ripped? I mean seriously…even my non-kiting friends were rushing to get to the beach for the show…so yeah…there was that. And before anyone gets all offended…there were cute girls there, too…and damn are they fast on their boards. So something for everyone on the beach last week.

An amazing week.
An amazing week.

And I learned a lot about kite course racing and sailing in general. For two years, I’ve watched more racing videos than I can count (thanks, Island Boy) and every time my eyes glazed over about 25 seconds in…but now I understand and have a much bigger appreciation for the skill, strategy and tactical decision-making that goes into racing. Very impressive, actually. I might actually want to try it sometime if I can just get over my fear of riding really fast and kiting close to other people…LOL.

Then, the not-so-good stuff…I learned very quickly that there are people in my beach world who I like so long as I don’t have to spend more than a few minutes with them at a time. Any more than that and my tolerance levels get severely tested (see above re: losing my temper). And I also saw some sides of people’s personalities that were absolutely abhorrent. These people are folks I could easily avoid for the rest of my life and would be quite happy about it, too. So the people drama of the week sort of sucked.

The riders were all happy with the event.
Racers still smiling. That’s a good sign.

But, all in all, it was a very positive experience. Island Boy actually gave me a bit of recognition at the closing party, which was nice but awkward for me all at the same time. I don’t like attention like that, but then again it is nice to be recognized for your efforts. Still…when he started talking about “next year’s event” during his speech, I felt compelled to drink another rum and coke. I mean, seriously, I need a bit of a break before I even start to think about doing this again.

So, thanks to Charles and Amil for keeping the rum flowing for me after that. After all…what are friends (old and new) for, right?


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