good and bad

…you get a bit of both sometimes.

And if you are not careful, you let the bad cloud out the good. And then you get crabby. Very, very crabby.

But if you are mindful, you can relegate the bad shit to a dark corner in the back of the shed, while you let the good stuff sit front and center in the bright sunshine. And then you can smile.

So pretty.
So pretty.

Fresh tulips from Holland, presumably delivered on last night’s KLM flight and now sitting in a shabby chic vase on my nightstand = good.

Turning the no-wind situation into a positive by going for a nice dive at my favorite (secret) spot on the island = good.

Drinking a cold glass of South African viogner (my favorite) = good.

Going kitesurfing in Las Aves (yes…Venezuela…again) soon = very good.

Finally getting a washing machine at mi casa = very, very, very good.

Sort of make’s all the shitty stuff fade into the background, actually.


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