Not that you asked. But I’m sitting here this morning on my “Saturday,” drinking a cup of coffee and listening to Island Boy read a news story about a village store in England that has been operating for 200 years (complete with a quaint little, old lady who ran it forever) and I had a sudden realization. Probably something that you already know.

Life is much easier if you stop trying to complicate things.

More and more these days, I find myself slipping back into old habits. Losing focus on why I live where I live, and why I made (and continue to make) the sacrifices required to be who and where I am right now.

It is actually quite simple. Just take things day by day (hour by hour, if necessary), and enjoy the now. Over-thinking things, worrying about what *might* happen, wishing for things to be different…all leads to one place. And that is an unhappy and unsatisfying place. A place I don’t really want to go again.

The key is remembering these words of wisdom when it matters. Which is pretty much all the time.

So easy, right?

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